Digging Deeper: Addictions

On the surface we have the things that we are addicted to. But the problem does not lie in our attachment to these things. If we try to tackle the problem at this level then we will not find an effective long term remedy. We will simply be snipping the weed above ground, and leaving its roots intact.

Our addictions are caused by something that lies beyond whatever it is that we are addicted to. We must look beyond these things. Whilst something can be said to be "addictive" this is not a satisfactory answer on its own. It cannot be, because it is too near the surface.

The addiction is a product of its environment. Just as a sore leg may be a sign that you have bad posture - that you are sitting, bending or standing wrong (that you are generally out of line) - the addiction is also a sign of something going wrong on a larger scale.

It may be that our addictions could be transferred to any number of things. In this sense their surface manifestations - what they look like, the type of things that we are addicted to - do not really matter.

We need to work out the uses of our addictions. What purposes do they serve?

How do they help us to balance?

Where is the deficit that causes us to need these things in order to feel ok?

What is it that we are missing?

It would be interesting to know if people got addicted to things in traditional well-structured, well-balanced communities. My guess would be that they did not, because they would probably not have felt, in the same ways that we do, that they were "missing" anything.