A note on ownership

As writers we choose our words from the selection given to us, and arrange them as best we can in order to convey a message. Some people are deemed to convey their messages more effectively than others; and some see an opportunity in this ability, and attempt to gain from the fact that they can convey messages effectively.

Regardless of the way in which we stack the blocks, it remains that the blocks are not ours.

It is from this principle that I act.

I will freely use a combination of words that another has used before me if I think that doing so will help me to more effectively convey a message.

In more common terms; I have no issue with using the words of another. I take no credit for "my" words and I give no credit for "theirs."

My chief concern is with conveying a message in the most effective way possible. To put it another way; my chief concern is with uncovering Truth. Everything is second to this.

Outside the concerns of commerce and the immature ego, ownership means nothing. It has no constructive value. It is unfortunate that we live in a society that seems to value these concerns more than Truth.

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