Life Support

"David is a spokesman. That's his identity. If a person can't do what he or she's s'posed to do - well, they die. Everybody has to follow his purpose. David is a storyteller and if a storyteller stops telling stories, he stops having his life. Then he dies.

These days, people have stopped paying attention to the old ones. That's not the way it's s'posed to be. As long as people can keep on doin' what they're s'posed to be doin', they can keep on living.

People are s'posed to be supported so they can do their thing. Without the help of others, no people can carry out their identity - I don't care who they are or what they're s'posed to be doin'. And if it doesn't need others, then it's not their true identity - not for this world - and they might as well not even be here. People keep each other alive with support. So if someone is a musician, we ought to listen. If they're a cook, why, you go ahead and eat and tell 'em how that hit the spot, how you needed that.

[...] How people can be so thoughtless, they don't even let a man carry on his life-" He took a loud sip from his coffee cup. "How in the world people could have got so much into their own selves that they don't think they need each other - I sure can't understand it. If people stop listen' to David, now how can he be a storyteller? You tell me. And if he can't be a storyteller, he'll die. That's the way it works."

[Rolling Thunder, quoted by Doug Boyd]
Mystics, Magicians and Medicine People: Tales of a Wanderer, p. 190-1