With great power comes ...

Lionel Messi is the world's greatest footballer.

Many of us grumble about the inflated wages that footballers get paid, yet are, generally speaking, powerless to do anything. Lionel Messi is not powerless. If he were to take a paycut - a really significant one - then it would cause a tidal wave.

This is because he sits atop a peak. He has the most to lose. And his voice is more powerful than any other.

It is Messi's responsibility as a citizen - whether he likes it or not - to promote ideas and attitudes that benefit the whole. Because of his position of influence, it is imperative that he do so. Through accepting an inflated wage he is, when looked at from a certain angle - no more guilty than any other top-ranking footballer. But in accepting it as the world's greatest - as the one who shines brightest, who talks loudest - he is more guilty than any other.