Conductive Environments

The task is to rearrange the room to meet our intention to build relatedness, accountability, and commitment. This puts the convener in the role of interior designer.

I spend my life being neurotically fussy about what room to meet in, and how to rearrange it once I get there.

This is embarrassing, awkward, gets weird looks, and receives irrational refusals, and sometimes you just get tired lugging chairs around the room.

But this is work that has to be done in a world not designed for human interaction.

[Peter Block]
Community, p.153

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  1. We would spend time designing how we sit in the room, and not be mere consumers of the way the room was intended to be used, or dependent on what the custodians or last group using the room had in mind.

    we would redesign the physical space around us - rooms, hallways, reception areas - in a way that affirmed community, so that it had a welcoming feeling and gave the sense that you had come to the right place. Most of all, what we inherited would be a serious subject of discussion.

    [Peter Block]
    Community, p.68