Culture Clash | Conclusion



As we’ve seen, to many visitors the gallery presents a challenge. They may be required to identify and examine long held assumptions, and to modify their opinions or their mindset. This new mindset may be unpopular amongst those they are close to, or amongst those who make up their social scene. They may be required to think about concepts in ways that they never have before, to ‘entertain ideas’ and utilize Negative Capability, and to assess once familiar objects in a wholly new light. In short, a gallery can present a challenge to a person’s entire philosophy of living.

For some this challenge may be relished, and these may be the people that a gallery would view as its ideal audience. Our question is whether these people are a typical audience, and we have been concerned with those for whom the aforementioned challenge may be too daunting.

To take the first step is often an act of faith, and may be no small achievement. In presenting them with a challenge the gallery asks its visitors to be brave. Perhaps these visitors also have the right to ask the same of the gallery.

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